Responsible Pet Ownership

Owning a dog is a responsibility.  A dog depends upon its owner to provide food and water, shelter, and veterinary care.  Additionally, a responsible owner maximizes their relationship with their dog by providing training and exercise resulting in a healthy and happy animal.  The AKC offers the following tips:

Planning For Your Pet

  1. Recognize the commitment
  2. Find the right dog for you
  3. Meet the breed
  4. Find a breeder
  5. Get it in writing

Living Responsibly With Your Dog

  1. Register your dog
  2. Dog-proof your home
  3. ID your dog
  4. Provide shelter
  5. Watch the heat
  6. Travel safely with your pet
  7. Provide veterinary care
  8. Groom your dog
  9. Exercise your dog
  10. Teach basic commands
  11. Housetrain
  12. Socialize your dog
  13. Respect your neighbors
  14. Supervise play with children
  15. Spay or neuter

Beyond the Basics

  1. Get a Canine Good Citizen Certificate or Title
  2. Set a good example
  3. Leave the breeding to the experts
  4. Protect the right to own dogs
  5. Enjoy your dog’s abilities

Take the AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise

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More Information About Responsible Pet Ownership

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