Volunteering is easy and there are plenty of opportunities to match your time availability and energy level.  All members are encouraged to help out in some way each year.  Afterall, we are a volunteer club and that's how we get things done!  Below are some of the many ways you can give back to the club.

  • CCTC and CCDS host about eight dog performance events during the year including tracking tests, agility trials, nose/scent work, obedience and rally trials.  You can volunteer  by contacting the chair or secretary of the event.  Don't worry.  You don't have to be familiar with the  event to help out.  The Volunteer Coordinator or Chief Ring Steward can find something you can be easily trained for and are comfortable performing.  There is always set-up and take-down of equipment as well as food donations.  It's a great way to learn more about any performance event, even if you have never competed.
  • Puppy, obedience, rally and agility courses are all offered to the public.  These sessions always need an instructor and assistants.  Contact the Directors of Non-Member and/or Agility Training to volunteer.  Courses taught to members also need instructors.  The Director of Member Training is your point-of-contact.  See the Board member listing page on the About link to find out who these members are.
  • The club has monthly membership meetings (held the first Tuesday of each month at 7 pm).
  • You can sign-up to chair or assist with one of the many committees which include:  newsletter, registration, public relations, social, membership, awards, library, building and grounds, bylaws and policy revision, and website.  See the Committee listing page on the About link to find out more about each committee.  Contact the chair of the committee you are interested in joining or any board member.
  • Periodically the club holds a clean-up day.  It is usually announced at a monthly membership meeting or through the monthly newsletter.  Watch for the announcement and sign-up to help.
  • Elections are held annually.  You may be interested in holding one of the offices.  Be sure to let the Nominating Committee know if you are interested.