The Capitol Canine Training Club is proud to honor and support these three awards:

Sally French Top Dog Award

The Sally French Top Dog Award was established in 1994 to memorialize Sally French, an active CCTC member who owned, trained, and showed Gordon Setters.

The award is given to a dog in each of the three traditional obedience classes (Novice, Open and Utility) during an obedience trial sponsored by AKC, UKC, or a registry which utilizes AKC or UKC licensed judges.  To be eligible for the award a dog must:  1. Earn a qualifying score of at least 195; and 2. The score must be for an obedience title in the Novice, Open or Utility classes.


Hi-Points Spring To The Top
Golden Retriever
Christi Hipple, owner/handler
196.5 - Novice B - October 10, 1998

Silvertip The Lionheart
Shetland Sheepdog
Madeline White, owner/handler
196 - Novice B - June 6, 1998

Formby Makes Headline News
Toy Poodle
Wade Kammin, owner/handler
195.5 - Novice A - October 10, 1998
195 - Novice A - August 8, 1998

Jonah Michael
Labrador Retriever
Deb Kramer, owner/handler
196.5 - Open A - September 16, 2006
196 - Open A - April 7, 2006
195.5 - Open A - June 10, 2006

Artic Sun's Cruzin After Dark
Flat-Coated Retriever
Deb Kramer, owner/handler
196 - Novice B - April 4, 2010

Norwood’s Bound for Glory
Border Collie
Linda Hinsman, owner/handler
195 – Novice B – June 17, 2018

Bristols Jazzman Steal My Heart Away
Flat-Coated Retriever
Deb Kramer, owner/handler
196.5 (High In Trial) - Novice - June 19, 2021
195.5 (High In Trial) - Novice - June 20, 2021

Bad Betty Boo
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Marilyn Steward, owner/handler
195.5 - Novice B - May 29, 2022


Jonah Michael
Labrador Retriever
Deb Kramer, owner/handler
198 - Novice B - August 6, 2005
196 - Novice B - August 7, 2005
195 - Novice B - July 24, 2005

Jonah Michael
Labrador Retriever
Deb Kramer, owner/handler
197 - Open A - November 19, 2005
197 - Open A - November 19, 2005
196 - Open A - November 20, 2005

Stephen C. Casper Memorial - Outstanding New Member Award

This award recognizes the activities and support of individuals who have been members of CCTC for less than three years.

The first Outstanding New Member Award was given in 1982 to John Brunk.  It was renamed the Steve Casper Memorial New Member Award in 1989 and the October 14, 1989, CCTC Obedience Trial was dedicated to Steve.

Stephen Craig Casper was a new member of CCTC joining in May 1988.  During his short tenure, he was active in all phases of the Club, teaching, training, and serving on the Board of Directors.  Steve was awarded the Most Outstanding New Member for 1989 posthumously as he passed away in May 1989.

2023     Karen Woods
2022     Theresa Serena
2021     Ramona Boston
2020     Lynn Luttrell and Chris Ruddock
2019     John and Shelley Parks
2018     Ralph and Connie Jenkins
2017     Kathy Mayes
2016     Ed Woolsey
2015     Carol Green
2014     Amanda Sedivy
2013     Beth Phelps
2012     Jennifer Lelys
2011     Sandra Carbonell
2010     Dave and Gayle Taylor
2009     Marion Richter
2008     Rex Hankins
2007     Rex Hankins
2006     Dawn Wheat
2005     Brian and Pam Lively
2004     Pam Lowrey, Matt and Sheri Vanover
2003     Deb Kramer
2002     Lee Affrunti and Dave Auer
2001     Marilyn Steward
2000     Ginny Dow-Stewardson
1999     Chari and Mike Hopper
1998     Toni Aden
1997     Ule James
1996     Connie Austin
1995     Linda and Terry Bridges
1994     Rhonda Daniels and Christie Hipple
1993     Beth Chastain and Meric Smith
1992     Claire Slagle
1991     Mark R. Johnson, Arlene and Denny Vinson
1990     Shelby Berta
1989     Carla Dodd Broderick and Steve Casper
1988     Keith Gregory
1987     Carla Dodd
1986     Sandy McMillan
1985     Bob Heady
1984     Mary Ann Phillips
1982     John Brunk

Jane Hoffman Memorial - Outstanding Member Award

This award is presented to a club member who has, over a period of several years, demonstrated a high level of service to the club and its purposes.

The first Outstanding Member Award was presented in 1979 to Sue Price.  It was renamed the Jane Hoffman Memorial Outstanding Member Award in 1990 and the October 13, 1990, Obedience Trial was dedicated to Jane.

Jane Niles Hoffman died on April 16, 1990, following a long illness.  She was a charter member of CCTC and had been awarded an honorary life membership in the Club in recognition of her many years of dedication and hard work.  Jane was an inspiration to others in the Club and Jane served as the Club's 1st Secretary in 1965, President in 1967-68, Director of Training in 1969-70, 1974-75, and 1979-1981.  She also served as a member of the Board of Directors in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1976, and 1982.  Her efforts and leadership were a major factor in the success and growth of the Club.

Jane's 1st obedience dog was a German Shepherd, Saber, who proved to be a super working dog, winning Highest Scoring Shepherd many times.

Jane later bred confirmation GSD's, finished a Champion GSD, and co-owned two Champion Miniature Wire Dachshunds.  Jane loved all animals and supported many animal welfare groups.

2023     Melissa Hodges and Tom Thornburg
2022     Chris Ruddock
2021     Mary Ann Pollitt
2020     Marion Richter
2019     JoLee Edwards
2018     Shari Goodfield
2017     Linda Hinsman
2016     Dinah Becker
2015     Mary BonDurant
2014     Joan Rothfuss
2013     Dave Taylor
2012     Marilyn Steward
2011     Rose Hutches
2010     Kathleen Stevens
2009     Judy Williams
2008     Brian and Pam Lively
2007     Marge Schroeder
2006     Terry Bridges
2005     Sandy McMillan
2004     Mary-Lou Flowers
2003     Linda Vohsen
2002     Darren Turley
2001     Chari and Mike Hopper
2000     Tomi Frank
1999     Irma and Jeff Knoles
1998     Marlene Kintner and Bobbie Miller
1997     Amy Burns
1996     Mary-Lou Flowers
1995     Keith Gregory
1994     Sandy McMillan and Connie Mitchon
1993     John Brunk
1992     Becky Nickel
1991     Kathy Sauter Stevens and Pam Thornburg
1990     Mary Dagraedt
1989     Sue Price
1988     Diane Meadows
1987     Betty and Bob Maddox
1986     Madeline White
1985     Nancy Craig
1984     Pam and Tom Thornburg
1983     Ed Hockett and Judy Lee
1982     Jane Hoffman
1981     Carole Sowers
1980     Betty and Bob Maddox
1979     Sue Price