Training a dog is really about building a relationship with your dog.  The members of CCTC all began by taking just one training class and enjoyed the benefits of enhancing the relationship with their dog.  Some members compete while others just like to train.  Whichever category you might fall under, one of the easiest  ways to train on a regular basis and get to know and learn from other like-minded "dog people" is to join CCTC.  If you think you would like to join download an application below and read about the benefits and requirements of membership.

If you are a current CCTC / CCDS member but don't know your login id or password, email .  You can request a password reset from the login page...

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For information regarding membership, membership requirements, Constitution/Bylaws, or Policies, please contact Chari Hopper at .

Membership Benefits

Members receive a monthly newsletter, access to a website, use of the building to train, member training nights, a say in the Club’s decision-making, receipt of annual awards and recognitions, and use of training equipment.  Not to mention the social networking and ability to learn about dog handling from other members within the Club.

Annual Membership Dues

An annual membership fee of $50 comes to as little as $4.16 each month.  That’s more economical than the $10 per class fee charged to non-members who want to continue to attend obedience classes.

Membership Requirements

Part of being a CCTC member is chipping in to help.  The CCTC operates almost entirely through volunteerism.  Your obligation to help out can be fulfilled in a variety of ways, many of which can be a fun learning experience, as well.  Depending on your own talents and interest, you may, for example:

  • Assist or teach puppy classes, obedience classes, agility classes, member classes, scent work classes, or rally classes.  Generally, intermediate-level members would begin as assistants, working under the guidance of experienced instructors, to develop the confidence and training “chops” to take on a class of their own.
  • Join or head one of the Club Committees, such as the Newsletter, the Registration, the Public Relations, the Social, the Membership, the Awards, the Library, the Website, or the Building and Grounds Committee.
  • Participate in one of our infrequent general clean-up days.  This basically entails an hour or two of sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning, painting, building upkeep, etc.
  • Participate in the Club’s obedience, rally, agility trials or tracking tests.
  • Hold an office or position on the Board of Directors.

Being a member also means abiding by the Constitution, By-laws and Policies of the Capitol Canine Training Club; Adhering to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship and conducting yourself in a manner that gives credit to CCTC and the AKC.