Training Center

The CCTC building is located at 209 East Walnut, Chatham, IL 62629.
The building is not open during normal business hours. However, we open up whenever a class, meeting, or event is scheduled. Please check our Calendar to find out when we will be open if you need to stop by. Members have access to the building to practice so sometimes you might find someone there during off-times.

CCTC outside street view - 209 East Walnut, Chatham, IL 62629


The Training Center has an unmarked gravel lot. Please park on the edges of the lot and parallel park along the drive. If the lot is full, in the evening, you may park along the west side of our fence or in the Post Office parking to the west or in the bike parking lot to the south across Walnut.

Training Rooms

CCTC outside front doorThere is a large training room, about 2700 sq ft, which serves as the main training room; and a smaller training room (28 ft X 36 ft). Both rooms have rubberized flooring. There is a viewing area with folding chairs in the main training room and a double-gated entrance ensuring security from escaping dogs.


General use crates of various sizes and styles are available for members to place their dogs in when needed.  No overnight crating.


Obedience, rally and agility equipment owned by the Club is available for members use when a class is not in session.  Members are asked to treat the equipment with care and return it to the proper place when finished.  Broken or dirty equipment should be fixed or cleaned by the member responsible; please report such condition to any Board member if you are unable to rectify the situation.

Dog Accidents

Cleaning supplies are provided by the Club in key spots around the training floor should a dog “accident” occur in the building.  Please ensure any dog waste is removed to an outside trash can to prevent odors.

Merchandise for Sale

CCTC offers for sale some commonly used dog training equipment: leather leashes of various widths/lengths, pocketed aprons, and collars of various types.  Shop for dog training equipment...

Training Treats

The use of food treats for training is acceptable, however, handlers are asked to ensure food is picked up if dropped to prevent other dogs from consuming.  Many dogs have allergies and might get sick eating the wrong treat; tempting a dog not ready for the distraction of free floor treats may end up reinforcing inappropriate behavior.

Award Plaques

CCTC acknowledges members annually who have worked to earn a title with their dogs.  Hanging on the walls are various plaques identifying the dog event and listing the names of members and their dogs who have achieved success.