CCDS (Capitol Canine Dog Sports) Nosework Sniff & Go

NW2 and NW3

All Four Elements will be Offered for each level: Rain, Snow or Shine

When: Saturday, January 4, 2020

Location: Hope Presbyterian Church
2211 Wabash Avenue, Springfield, IL 62704


NOTE: Although this is NOT a NACSW sanctioned event, searches will be held in accordance with NACSW rules.  In accordance with NACSW rules, bitches in season must wear panties, and will run last in their level. This is for fun and practice in a new location. Handlers may enter more than one dog at each level BUT there will be no resets. Therefore, handlers will have knowledge of the hides for the 2nd dog running. 

Glory indicating a hide at an NACSW Elite trial at the old Joliet State Prison in April, 2019.
Glory indicating a hide at an NACSW Elite trial at the old Joliet State Prison in April, 2019.


Number of Participants and Pricing:

  • NW2 - 25 Participants - $45
  • NW3 - 25 Participants - $50


  • All four elements (Interior, Exterior, Vehicles and Containers) will be offered for both levels.
  • To register for the Sniff & Go you do not need to hold that level of title.
  • After you complete your payment and registration, you will be assigned a time slot.
  • Public Registration (Non-Member Registration) opened Monday, November 25 at 12 Noon.

Searches will be timed and will follow NACSW 2020 rules

View NACSW 2020 rules here...

If you enter the NW2, you will be told the number of hides when entering the search area. Searches will run back to back; participants will complete all four searches and are then free to leave or stay if they would like to watch other participants or volunteer to assist with the event.

Registration Information:

  • The link to register was available on November 11, 2019 for Members.
  • Registration opened to Non-Members / the Public on Monday, November 25.
  • The Deadline for all participants to register and submit payment was December 20, 2019, and Registration is now CLOSED.

A waitlist will be maintained if we receive more registrations than we have available slots.



  • 7:15 am - NW2 Check in
  • 7:30 am - Walkthrough
  • 8:00 am - First dog


  • 12:30 pm - NW3 Check in
  • 12:45 pm - Walkthrough
  • 1:00 pm - First dog


We welcome volunteers to be timers, hot and cold box handlers, and parking lot managers.
Lunch will be provided for volunteers.

Your Dog’s Comfort:

Make sure your dog is safely crated or restrained in your vehicle. It could be cold, so please make sure your dog is warm and comfortable. There is no indoor crating available.
Please contact Linda Hinsman at or 217 341-3846 with any questions. (Please do not call the church office with questions – they will not be able to answer them).