CCTC History

The Capitol Canine Training Club, a not-for-profit corporation, was incorporated on June 18, 1965.  2015 was the 50th year of operation.   The Charter members were: Shirley Brower, John Campbell, Judy Campbell, Tamera Garlo, Jane Hoffman, Don McKittrick, Sue Price, Eunice Roderick, Betty Scarlett, Bernie Van Dorn, and Tony Von Huss.  Tamera Garlo served as the first President.

The 2,740 square foot original building in Chatham was an automotive repair garage purchased sometime after the Club's formation.  A 30-year mortgage was taken out to pay for the building and a "mortgage burning" party was held in the Fall of 1995.  The kitchen, two bathrooms, hall and closet were added in mid-1970.  Sometime in the early 1980's the 1,216 square foot small training room was built.  Also on the property are two sheds; one for storing the lawn mower and the other for agility equipment; a lighted fenced in yard (approximately 60 feet X 145 feet) and a gravel parking lot.

The 1st Obedience Fun Match was held on May 8, 1966, and the 1st AKC Sanctioned Obedience Match was held on September 29, 1974.  CCTC was sanctioned by the American Kennel Club in 1975 to hold an annual obedience trial.  The 1st AKC Sanctioned Obedience Trial was held on October 9, 1976, at the Exposition Building, IL State Fairgrounds.  No members of the CCTC were allowed to enter a dog in the trial.  There were 209 dogs with a total of 236 entries.  Rally was added to the annual obedience trial in 2005.  Shirley Brower was the first member to earn the AKC Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), and Utility Dog (UD) titles in 1965, 1967, and 1971 respectively with her toy poodle, My Countess Gigi.

CCTC began holding tracking events in 1990 with an AKC Sanctioned Match on April 22, at Loren Dodd's Farm in Loami.  The following year the 1st sanctioned Tracking Dog (TD) test was held on March 10 at Dodd's Farm.  The entry fee was $30.00.  A Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) test was held on March 17, 1996, at Foxview Farm in Mechanicsburg.  In 1997, TD and TDX tests were combined, and the location was moved to the State Fish and Wildlife Area, Site M, Chandlerville later to be renamed Jim Edgar Panther Creek (JEPC) Fish and Wildlife Area.  A Fall TD Test was added in November 2004 at the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) and combined with a Sanctioned Variable Service Tracking (VST) Match at Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC).  In 2005, however, the Fall TD was held at The Rail Golf Course in Sherman while the VST was held at LLCC.  Since 2006, the Spring TD/TDX tests continue to be held every March at JEPC and the Fall TD/VST continues to be held in November at UIS/LLCC.  Ruth Paule was the first member to earn a TD in 1976 with her dog Branscombe Pericles.  Judy Lee was the first member to earn a TDX in 1990 with Hi-Point's Skip Off The OL'Block, a golden retriever.

CCTC Past Presidents

2023       Ule James
2022       Ule James
2021        Ule James
2020       Ule James
2019        Jennifer Seul
2018        Terry Bridges
2017        Terry Bridges
2016        Marilyn Steward
2015        Jennifer Seul
2014        Terry Bridges
2013        Terry Bridges
2012        Margaret "Toni" Frank
2011        Margaret "Toni" Frank
2010       Kathleen Stevens
2009       Kathleen Stevens
2008       Kathleen Stevens
2007       Pam Thornburg
2006       Terry Bridges
2005       Ule James
2004       Terry Bridges
2003       Irma Knoles
2002       Terry Bridges
2001       Pam Thornburg
2000       Ule James
1999       Pam Thornburg
1998       Pam Thornburg
1997       Terry Bridges
1996       Mary-Lou Flowers
1995       Keith Gregory
1994       Keith Gregory
1993       Betty Maddox
1992       Diane Enger
1991       Tom Thornburg
1990       John Brunk
1989       Jerry Gies
1988       John Brunk
1987       John Brunk
1986       Marvin Hazelwood
1985       Tom Thornburg
1984       Tom Thornburg
1983       Madeline White
1982       Betty Maddox
1981       Dave Snyder
1980       Betty Maddox
1979       Betty Maddox
1978       Bill Denton
1977       Bill Denton
1976       Ken Stover
1975       Verlin Hibbs
1974       Verlin Hibbs
1973       Dave Garrison
1972       Robert Boyle
1971       Alan Holingsworth
1970       Betty Maddox
1969       Walter Jabush
1968       Martin Siecke
1967       Jane Hoffman
1966       Tamera Garlo